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"Sonya creates a welcoming and safe environment in which to breathe, relax and heal through her calm demeanor and supportive actions. Her clients feel cared for, inspired and invigorated by her teachings, either through a pose or a shared experience about life on/off the mat."

Lisa, Sleepy Hollow, NY



"I have been practicing gentle and restorative yoga with sonya for almost a year now.  I was looking for a non-threatening class in which I could build my confidence and become more flexible.  Sonya has been a very responsive teacher in this capacity.  The breathwork she has taught me has been especially helpful in addressing anxiety.

    As my confidence increased on the mat, it also increased in other areas of my life as well.  I had always experienced great anxiety during doctor’s visits.   I have been famous for driving up my blood pressure, sometimes alarmingly so.  Recently my newfound confidence led me to schedule a routine medical test which I had been avoiding.  As I waited to see the doctor, I felt myself beginning to panic, thinking maybe I should take the Xanax which had been prescribed for just such occasions.  But I decided instead to try the 4 count, 6 count breath that Sonya taught me, which  works to calm the nervous system.  I continued to do this until I was called in, and my blood pressure was 120/80!  I haven’t seen those numbers in decades!!!!  I even used this technique once to stop heart palpitations.  It worked immediately. 

   Yoga has not replaced my healthcare, it has enhanced it.  I see it as another way of “honoring my body” in addition to a good diet, exercise,  and adequate sleep."

Dee, Pelham, NY




"My teenage daughter began working with Sonya shortly after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety and returning home from the hospital.  Working with Sonya for the past two years accelerated every step of my daughter's recovery.  My daughter tells me she feels better able to calm herself as a direct result of her sessions with Sonya.  Yoga with Sonya benefitted my child at a critical time and created skills and habits that will benefit my child all her life.


Sonya was unfailingly kind, calm and accepting at a time when my teenager desperately needed all three, with Sonya listening to my daughter and accommodating her needs as they shifted from session to session. 


Although Sonya was organized, responsible and prepared for whatever the day and session required, Sonya also kept an eye on the bigger picture, periodically suggesting to our family new avenues to incorporate into my daughter's yoga practice to further her healing and move her beyond her status quo.


Finally, our entire family, including our dog, felt better every time Sonya visited our home.  She not only brings peace and light; she leaves some behind."

Annie, Larchmont, NY




"Sonya is a joy to be around. Her classes are strengthening,

 enlightening, and relaxing! I would recommend her to everyone."

Ellen, Armonk, NY




"I was having an extremely hard time for the last two years –I had no time to slow down, take a breath and concentrate on myself. My anxiety was so high for so long that my hands would shake and my heart would pound on a daily basis

I came to realize that I couldn’t live my life this way. I turned to the internet to look for help with my current state.  Yoga kept popping up. I searched for a Yoga instructor who specializes in yoga for anxiety and relaxation and that is how I came to know Sonya. Through one-to one sessions I learned to align my breath with my body, concentrate on stillness, center myself in the moment and increase my self-awareness through meditation.  It has changed my life. Sonya is so patient and eager to share with you her knowledge of Yoga. She has taught me how to incorporate the breathing and meditation techniques in my daily life.  If I don’t have time to do the meditation in my home by myself, she gives me tips on how to sneak in a few moments while I am out and about.   I cannot say enough about my experience with yoga and with Sonya in particular. "

Geri, Hasting's on Hudson, NY



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