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Transition & Center

An Autumn Workshop



OCT 17 • 2-4PM • $45 • YogaWorks Irvington


As we transition from Summer to Fall, we may find ourselves become busier mentally and physically. We start to mourn the Summer sun as we go back to school and work. We may even have a hard time adjusting because, energetically, during this time nature goes through a big transition and as we are connected to all, we feel it too. Summer is expansive and full of fun, play and is a time for creativity. The Fall, starts to be more inward, focused and reflective making it a hard time to find our center while we shift from one season to another.  


As everything outside of ourselves is in flux, it is important that we find the time to ground ourselves, to find balance and harmonize within. When we align ourselves with the seasonal changes we tune into our own natural rhythms that are in sync with the rhythm of nature.


Our practice on the mat supports this transition by allowing us space to quiet ourselves, stabilize and find our foundation oppose to get caught up in the frenzy.


This workshop will be an extended slow flow asana practice getting you ready to transition from one season to the next with some restorative poses to end.

Open to all levels. Some experience with yoga asana will be helpful.

Yoga in the Park

Autumn Equinox Sunset Flow



SEP 24 • 5:45-6:45PM 

Scenic Hudson Park, Irvington N.Y.


Come salute the sun in celebration of the Autumn Equinox; the first day of Fall and a special day to honor balance between light + dark!


Open to ALL Levels • FREE Event!

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