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Yoga at first was ‘just’ an alternative physical practice that I thought I could participate in while healing from an injury. What took me by surprise was how meaningful and how much I craved the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the yoga teachings. They came across so simple yet so profound.

The spirit of yoga and its philosophical underpinnings gave me a foundation from which to build and grow.


Connectedness, faith and purpose drew me in from the start. Inevitably, as I deepened my practice many layers within myself were uncovered and able to heal. My practice was comforting, but it also challenged me in my growth and in becoming a more mindful individual.


Yoga and its teachings have helped me ease many of my past time sufferings including, but not limited to my body image, anxiety, stress, grief, shame and fear.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices have been such a transformative part of my life that I feel very strongly in sharing it’s many benefits. My practice has in no small way helped me to make sense of my life and continues to do so.


I am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance and am certified in Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga as well as Trauma-Informed yoga. My style is to teach a slow flow asana class with emphasis on the breath, mindfulness and tools towards meditation that are in alignment with the flow of the seasons to support harmony and ease in the body, mind and breath as one integrative whole.

Currently, I teach yoga in a residential treatment facility that specializes in eating disorders and at Purchase College, teaching yoga as a Somatic credit.

I teach group classes in local studios and private sessions with a Therapeutic application both in Westchester County and New York City.


























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